What a trip this is going to be! This group of kids could not be more earnest, open and sincere about growing in their faith!

My name is Kelly Meraw and I’m the Director of Pastoral Care for St. John – St. Paul Collaborative, Director of Music for St. John’s and (most importantly), Eva and Noah’s Mom.

My first experience of World Youth Day was in 2002 in Toronto the summer before I was received into the Catholic Church. I can remember the energy on the streets and thinking, “Wow, there is something so incarnational about this faith. God is literally present among these kids.”

I can’t wait to experience the Holy Spirit moving amongst this international group of young people, united in their love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m eager to sing with these kids. Pray with these kids. Laugh with these kids and witness the miraculous growth that is going to happen in these 8 days.

If you can help in big ways or small ways to support this mission of evangelization, I would ask you to prayerfully consider doing so. This is the next generation of our Church. Let’s equip them with an experience that will be written on their hearts forever!

Please consider sponsoring me and supporting this pilgrimage with your donations and your prayers.