Hello! My name is Eva Meraw, and I’m a sophomore at Wellesley High School. I grew up going to church and singing at every Mass, so faith, music, and community were always intertwined for me. Because of my participation in the Christmas and Easter children’s choir, I was always engaged in and excited about making music because I knew I could do so alongside my friends.

I’m proud of my participation in school choruses, a capella, Senior District choir, and soon, All-State choir, but I look forward to singing at the Sunday 5PM Youth Mass the most. At first, I went because my friends were going, but that community and their passion for the Mass encouraged me to dive deeper into my relationship with God.

I’m so excited to go to World Youth Day surrounded by the amazing Catholic friends I’ve made so far as well as those I know I’ve yet to meet, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the decisions and people who are helping me meet them.

Please consider sponsoring me and supporting this pilgrimage with your donations and your prayers.