Religious Education

The St. John-St. Paul Collaborative provides Religious Education programs for our children and adolescents with ongoing faith formation, spiritual encouragement, and development of the understanding and practice of being Catholic in the world today. As always, parents are the primary educators of their children, and our Religious Education Programs serve to support and enhance their important mission. The programs incorporate meaningful learning experiences designed to inform, guide, and celebrate understanding of the Catholic faith. Children actively participate in prayer, worship, and service to others while continuing to develop their own personal relationship with God. Our Collaborative offers:

  • A St. John Religious Education Program for Grades 1-8
  • A St. Paul Religious Education Program for Grades 1-8
  • A Collaborative Confirmation Program (usually Grades 9 & 10)
  • A Collaborative Youth Ministry Program (for Grades 9-12)

We offer both traditional programs and a Family Cluster model, which provides inter-generational learning for parents and children.


Linda Messore
St. John Religious Education Program Coordinator
Collaborative Confirmation Program Coordinator
Collaborative Youth Ministry Program Coordinator

Andrea Doglioli
St. Paul Interim Religious Education Coordinator, Grades 1-8

Donna Tosti
St. Paul Religious Education Assistant

Andrea Fay
St. John Religious Education, Family Cluster, and Teacher Support Coordinator

Brenna Wertzberger
James Hastings
Luke DelVecchio

Collaborative Youth Ministers