On August 15, a group of our high school students, along with the St. John-St. Paul Youth Ministry team, Fr. Jim, and a representative from NPH USA, will travel to the NPH home in the Dominican Republic for a week-long service and immersion trip.  This trip will provide a firsthand experience of how NPH USA transforms the lives of children!  While there, the group will be providing updates and photos so we can follow along on their journey!

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Day Three : Saturday, August 17

After breakfast today we had a trip to the beach and eight lucky pequeños got to come with us. The little ones were so excited and literally jumped into our arms before getting on the bus for the ride to the ocean. As we left the home the children prayed the prayer that they say every time they leave the home asking God to look after them. They then sang all the way to the ocean. We got to swim and play on the beach with the pequeños ... and to share some delicious unsweetened thin fried dough (yaniqueca) with ketchup on!!!! We returned to the visitor home in time for lunch. Lunch is the main meal of the day here and usually includes rice and beans and a meat dish, followed by delicious fruit. The weather broke this afternoon and there was a huge tropical storm.  Some of us watched from the balcony of the visitor house while others accepted an invitation from some pequeños to join them in a game of soccer, which actually ended up as a huge water fight in the street. There is a trench on the side of the road which filled with fast flowing water and the pequeños floated and raced our flip flops in the water! Once the rain cleared up we joined the children outside as they played. We got to use many of the toys and games we had brought with us to share with the ...
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Day Two: Friday, August 16

We woke up after a great  night's sleep and gathered for breakfast. We are staying in the visitor's house in the grounds of NPH and are on the second floor where we catch a little welcome breeze. The grounds of the NPH property are about 50 acres and around 150 children live here with their "Tias" (house mothers) and many volunteers and staff members. Today was a very special day at NPH Dominican Republic as NPH  is celebrating its 65th birthday and today is "Father Wasson " day.  Fr. Wasson began the whole organization which is now in 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The day began with Mass with all the children. At the Mass certain NPH staff were honored including one of the Tia's who has worked here for many years. It was very moving to see the great love that the children had for her. The university aged young men who had been with her as young children were in tears as she came forward to be honored. It is so beautiful to witness the love of family here and to see the face of God so visible in the children and their carers. After Mass we had a quick tour of the home. The children live in family groups in houses with their Tias. The houses include siblings so the ages are mixed. One of the many great things about NPH is that they make every effort to keep siblings together when they ...
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Day One:Thursday, August 15

Hello from the DR.  This is going to be a quick post to let you know that we all arrived safely and are just going to bed after a long day of traveling and excitement. Everyone is doing well and are happy to be here. We were greeted so warmly by NPH staff and the children who were excited to meet us. We have had Mass and a great meal and are getting some sleep before an exciting day which we will share with you tomorrow. Check back in with us tomorrow evening ...
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Welcome to our blog. We are excited to be traveling to the Dominican Republic next week to begin our service and immersion trip with NPH and we hope you will enjoy traveling with us via this blog. We are hoping to be able to update every day once we are in the Dominican Republic, as long as we have good internet access. We are so grateful for the support of the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative for this trip. Thank you for all the donations which you so generously left in the suitcases at the back of the Churches over the last couple of weeks. Members of the group met together yesterday evening to talk about the trip and to pack your donations so that we can deliver them to the home. We received all the items on our wishlist and will be delivering 10 suitcases/bags of much needed supplies for the clinic and the school. We filled donated suitcases and bags which the children of NPH (Pequenos) will use when they leave for university. Thank you so much! ...
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