It is with sincerest gratitude that I thank you on behalf of the 8,000 children that Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) supports both living in our home full time and in the community.

Your generous donations to the Second Collection on April 27-28 raised almost $6,500 to help ensure the most vulnerable and orphaned children don’t have to worry about food, shelter, and medical care, and are provided with resources to exit the cycle of poverty and enter a better life for generations to come. NPH could not operate without thoughtful individuals like yourselves. Thank you!

This year, NPH is celebrating its 70th anniversary since it was founded by Father William Wasson. His calling to save children, instilling Catholic values and providing an education for a hand up, still exists today. In fact, many of our National Directors in the 9 countries we serve were orphans themselves who grew up under Fr. Wasson.

On June 2 we celebrate Godparents Day, and we are also so grateful for all the parishioners who are sponsoring children from NPH and helping them throughout the years.

From our NPH children, thank you again for your love, commitment, travel, letters and prayers.


Andrea Nahigian & East Coast Team, NPH


Thank You from NPH!