Over the course of the almost 9 years since our parishes came together as a Collaborative in 2015, we have worked to establish a Collaborative Pastoral Council, Collaborative Adult Faith Enrichment and Service Commissions, and Collaborative Religious Education and Youth Ministry programs. This work has made our Collaborative, and our parishes, even stronger and more vibrant.

Now, in 2024, the time is right to put the last piece of the collaborative puzzle in place by creating the new role of Collaborative Director of Music, replacing the current structure of separate parish music directors. Reporting directly to the pastor, the Collaborative Director of Music will have responsibility for and oversight over all facets of music ministry within the Collaborative, including the music of every Mass as well as our adult, teen, and children’s choirs.  

Over time, we have created unique musical cultures at each of our Masses, and our desire is to honor and retain that uniqueness moving forward.  We believe that this uniqueness will be enhanced by the cohesiveness that a Collaborative Director of Music, working closely with those coordinating the music for particular Masses, will bring.

Our plan is to begin the formal search process in the coming weeks, with the goal of transitioning to a new Collaborative Director of Music after Easter. This will allow them to learn about and become acclimated to the Collaborative before the summer, and have ample time to plan for the launch of a new year of music in September.  

Our current parish music directors, Mary Lee Cirella at St. Paul, and Kelly Meraw at St. John, will not be applying for this new, expanded position. Kelly will continue in her role as Director of Pastoral Care and Liturgy for the Collaborative, and in the spring we will celebrate Mary Lee’s amazing, nearly 34 year career directing the music ministry at St. Paul.

What does this mean right now for those involved in Music Ministry? 

Nothing will change between now and Easter, and there will be no substantive changes before the end of the choir/music year (Memorial Day Weekend, when the Regular Mass schedule ends and the Summer Mass schedule begins.)

What does this mean for the future? 

Since the new Director of Music will oversee all facets of music ministry within the Collaborative, discussions and details about the future must wait until this new person has joined the Collaborative. We will do our best to share as much information as we can during this process, and we appreciate your patience.

An Important Message about Music at the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative