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From The Pilot: Father Hehir addresses ethics of war at Wellesley parish

Father Bryan Hehir, secretary of health and social services for the Archdiocese of Boston, has been teaching about religion, ethics, and foreign policy for 40 years. He is fond of giving his students a challenging moral dilemma.

He asks them to imagine themselves as a military leader during a conflict. An enemy tank factory has been discovered — but it is located next to a kindergarten, a school, and a hospital.

“We’ll do our best,” a commanding officer explains, “but we can’t guarantee that none of them would be killed.”

Would you approve an attack? Must civilian casualties be kept to zero at all costs? Or should the enemy target be neutralized by any means necessary? How many deaths is an appropriate price to pay for victory?

Father Hehir attempted to answer these difficult questions from a Catholic perspective during “Two Wars: One Moral Framework,” a talk about the morality of the current conflicts in Ukraine and the Holy Land. Father Hehir delivered the talk to a packed house at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Wellesley on Jan. 25…


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A recording of Fr. Hehir’s lecture is available here on our website: https://sjspwellesley.org/2024/01/in-case-you-missed-it-two-wars-one-moral-framework-with-fr-bryan-hehir/

From The Pilot: Father Hehir addresses ethics of war