This morning we were back at the Santuario de Fatima for Mass celebrated with Cardinal Sean and concelebrated by priests, bishops, and cardinals from around the world. But before we headed out there was time for a song or two!

We had to get there early to stake out our spot, so our pilgrims spent some time writing postcards of gratitude to all our generous sponsors. We carried our prayers for them to the sacred altar.

The more than 900 pilgrims from throughout the Archdiocese of Boston were so proud to have our Archbishop  celebrating Mass this morning. Hearing the Gospel read in 6 languages was incredible!

After Mass (and a photo op with Cardinal Sean and ALL the pilgrims from Boston – we’ll share once we get a copy!) we had a “picnic” and visited sites within the Santuario de Fatima. We even stumbled onto a concert with a group from Canada!

During our travels, Sister Karolyn spotted the Red Sox hat on a member of our group and came over to chat with us. Originally from the Pawtucket area, she is a member of the congregation of Franciscan Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George in Missouri – and is still a huge Red Sox fan!  In fact, she shared with us that in the summer of 2004, while she was still discerning God’s call over her life, she was searching for a clear sign about whether she should enter the convent. She told us that she promised God that “if the Red Sox win the World Series this year (a very unlikely possibility, give the history!) that will be my sign.”  So now you know who to thank for ending The Curse!

Members of our group with Sr. M. Karolyn, Vocation Director for the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George

In the afternoon we prayed with the Stations of the Cross on the Caminho Dos Pastorinhos as we journeyed through the fields to see the houses of the little shepherds who were visited by our Blessed Mother in Fatima – Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. The beauty of the land and the vista of Calvary and the city of Fatima took our breath away.

One of the beautiful traditions of WYD is pilgrims meeting and interacting with other pilgrims from around the world – and trading items. John traded a whole bunch of USA bracelets with some pilgrims from France for a bottle of holy water – from Lourdes!

At a site here in the fields where Our Lady appeared to the children in 1917 we spent some time in prayer and song.

Throughout our time in Fatima our music has attracted other pilgrims to our group. On our walk through the city back to our hotel, four young women from Lisbon came running after us and said, “We heard your music and had to catch up – can we join you?” We said of course, and they asked if we knew “Lord I Need You” – of course we do!

Tonight we had dinner at a local restaurant with a large group from the Archdiocese of Boston at a local restaurant, and then we spent some time with Our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration and in penitential devotion.


On to Lisbon tomorrow morning!

Sunday, 7/30: Day 3 – Mass with Cardinal Sean and Exploring in Fatima