St. John-St. Paul Collaborative has been attentive and responsive to expert medical advice throughout the emergence of this pandemic.  Offering Mass in a safe way for our parishioners has been our paramount concern.  As we take careful steps toward celebrating Mass inside the churches, we will begin by reintroducing the celebration of weekday Mass inside our churches.  Beginning on Wednesday, September 30 with a 9:00am Mass at St. Paul, we will be offering weekday Mass with the following schedule:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday
9:00am at St. Paul
Tuesday – Thursday
7:00am at St. John 

The safety of our parishioners, clergy, and staff remains our primary concern.  This means that social distancing protocols must be strictly observed, capacity must be reduced, ventilation must be increased (windows and doors must remain open), and masks must be worn at all times.  At each church, the front doors (and limited mobility access doors for those who need them) will be the only doors unlocked.

Reservations for a specific Mass will not be required as we do not expect weekday Mass attendance to exceed our available seating.  Instead, we will have a Pre-Registration and Arrival Check-in system so we can comply with contact tracing requirements.  (In the unlikely event that capacity is reached at a particular Mass, arriving parishioners will be asked to attend Mass on another day. If this becomes a regular occurrence we will transition to a reservation system.)  For more information on Weekday Mass protocols and to Pre-Register please visit the Weekday Mass page on our website.

Weekday Masses at the Collaborative