In itself mercy is the greatest of the virtues.

–St. Thomas Aquinas

Last week, we continued our discussion by diving into Chapter One: “The Church’s Missionary Transformation”. Our conversation centered on embodying a Church that goes forth and a house with the doors always open. Please find below some questions for your personal prayer:

1) In your view, what church structures need greater support in order to better share the Gospel where you live? 

2) How might we proclaim the message of the Gospel simply in the twenty-first century in such a way as it also maintains its beauty, depth and truth? Can you remember when you last encountered this kind of proclamation?

3) If we were to become a community with its doors open wide, what would we need to be and do to make that possible? 

This week, we will continue with Chapter Two: “Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment.” To enrich your study we offer a Lenten Lecture delivered by Fr. Bryan Hehir in 2014 called “The Legacy of Gaudium et spes: The Church in the World.” A link to the lecture is available here:

Revisiting The Joy of the Gospel: Chapter One – “The Church’s Missionary Transformation”