You will recall that as we entered Holy Week, we made the difficult decision to stop recording live liturgies at the Collaborative. At that point in time, with the public health crisis escalating rapidly and our available technology somewhat limited, we knew that we would not be able to gather to provide these services while keeping everyone safe and complying with social distancing directives. We then launched a new weekly feature called “Together in Prayer: Our Weekly Celebration of the Word with our Faith Community”, a video compilation with readings from our lectors, homilies from our priests, and music from familiar voices. We know from your many messages that these celebrations have been well received and much appreciated.

We are pleased to let you know that we are now able to resume recording live Masses at the Collaborative, beginning this weekend with a Mass for the 5th Sunday of Easter from St. Paul Church.  A the same time, we recognize how meaningful and important it has been to be able to include virtually so many different parishioners, musicians, and celebrants in our Celebrations of the Word. Now that we will be offering recorded Masses again, we are working on transitioning our Celebration of the Word into something new, so we can maintain and enhance these meaningful connections, expanding into all areas of Collaborative life.  Stay tuned!

Recorded Masses from the Collaborative Are Back Beginning May 10!