Since the onset of war over a year ago, City of Goodness has become a shelter, a home that gives security, comfort, and love for women with children (and their pets!), elderly and disabled people,  and evacuees from  orphanages – children from birth to 7 years. They are now in the process of constructing additional buildings so hundreds more children and moms can be safe.  Photos from their Instagram account @misto.dobra show some of the work in progress: 

This place will become a rescue for those who lost their home due to war… for those who have no parents waiting for their loving families… for those who need home and comfort… While our buildings are looking for their patrons and are built brick by brick, hundreds of children, dozens of mothers, several elderly, our rescued pets are waiting in the already created and functioning buildings… they are waiting for food, medication, rehabilitation, treatment, psychologist services after experiencing terrible events… and every day we provide residents with everything they need, because they are our family and our great responsibility… All of us together are building a new history of the City of Goodness… brick by brick… window by window…  (Translated from @misto.dobra)

 City of Goodness is in critical need of help. The Ukrainians who used to support their efforts are now in need of help themselves. In a video explaining their mission (available on our website) they explain:

That is why it is very important for us that the world hears us… people who have hearts, who share our pain, our loss, our fear, our despair brought to us by war… If you see this video, know that somewhere in the west of Ukraine there is a City of Goodness where hundreds of women, children, and orphans have found refuge… and they need your help.

 We will help City of Goodness build a new history through our Lenten Gift, which will help fund construction costs as well as the constant need for food, clothing, utilities, and medical and psychological care.

The Collection will be taken up at all Masses next weekend, March 25-26 (please make checks payable to your parish with “Lenten Gift” in the memo.) 

You may also contribute online on the Collaborative Lenten Gift page on our website or by sending a check to either parish office. We encourage you to give as generously as your means will allow.

For more information, photos, and videos from City of Goodness please visit the Collaborative Lenten Gift page on our website.

Telling the Story – Part 3: Building a New History of the City of Goodness