Our recent arrivals have settled into the apartment and are doing well. They are 3 wonderful, enthusiastic young adult men. They have already made friends with other young men from Afghanistan living in the same apartment complex. A great community is developing.

Catholic Charities is working on the documents they need such as work permits. Jewish Vocational Services will be providing free English classes and career counseling. Our team will be tutoring them, taking them grocery shopping, doing banking and other errands, teaching them how to use the T, and more!

Twice a month, all the POWIR leaders in the area get together for information exchange and support. One of those leaders is trying to create a document of job opportunities in the greater Boston area that all of the refugees could benefit from. For example, they have identified an events company that wants seasonal workers. If you know of any job opportunities, please contact Mary Campion. For the 3 men we are supporting, one loves to cook but at present has limited English. The other 2 speak English fairly well. One was in a dental program and the other was studying Environmental Science with a focus on water. He also worked teaching in a school part time. Please let us know if you have any information that could help.

OTHER WAYS YOU CAN HELP – contact Mary Campion
Ÿ We are seeking 3 used men’s bikes with helmets and bike locks.
Ÿ Donate gift cards to Star Market (their apartment complex has a shuttle that goes there.)
Ÿ Volunteer to take them sightseeing, bowling or other outings. Any young adult men in our collaborative would be a great fit for this opportunity. They would also appreciate it if a family could take them bowling, for example. They also play volleyball and soccer.

On behalf of our POWIR chairpersons Barbara Viechnicki and Barbara Weidlich, thank you very much for your support.

Contact Mary Campion at mary.campion@sjspwellesley.org, 781-235-0045 or 781-235-1060

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