All weekend Masses at the Collaborative will now be available via live stream on our website!  For our parishioners who are not yet able to come back in person, participating in a live Mass at one of our churches, together with fellow parishioners present in the pews, will be a far richer experience than a previously recorded Mass.  

To watch live, simply click the St. John Live Stream or St. Paul Live Stream link a few minutes before the start of Mass to access the live stream from the appropriate church.  You can also watch Masses live from both churches on our YouTube channel.

In addition to the live streams, we will continue to maintain the Previously Recorded Liturgies page on our website. A link to the recording of the live stream of one of the Vigil Masses will be added to the Previously Recorded Liturgies page each weekend, so a Mass will still be available on our website to watch “on-demand” on Sundays or any time thereafter. 

You can also access the recordings of previous live streams on the  Past Live Streams tab on our YouTube channel. (Please keep in mind that it can take anywhere from an hour to several hours for a live stream to be archived and ready to view after the stream ends.) 

Reminder: Mass Live Streams Begin This Weekend!