Are you a teen?  Has it been a while since your last confession? Are you a little nervous about it but really want to receive the sacrament?  
Come join the Youth Ministry Team for this special reconciliation service – there will be music, a brief reading from scripture, a short reflection, and a walk through an examination of conscience.  The Youth Ministry team will help guide you through all the steps to leaving a little lighter and filled with God’s mercy! 
Are you receiving Confirmation this spring?
There is no better way to prepare to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!
Interested, but not sure if you’ll feel ready to receive the sacrament on Friday night? 
That’s OK – please come anyway, and encourage your friends to come too! There will be no pressure, just an open invitation to experience God’s love and mercy. 
Reconciliation and Worship Service for Teens – Friday, March 1 at 5:00pm at St. Paul Church