In this Sunday’s readings, we hear two stories of call – God’s call of Samuel and Jesus’ calling of the first disciples. In both stories (as in our own lives), it is God who takes the initiative to call, inviting those who hear to respond.

“What are you looking for?” Jesus asks the disciples of John the Baptist. Their response is to follow Jesus and, ultimately, to invite others to do the same. When Andrew brings his brother Simon Peter to Jesus, Christ calls him by name. So too with Samuel, who is awakened by the call. “Here I am” he responds to Eli, who soon realizes that it is God who is calling.

Both stories show us that when God calls, we are invited to answer, not just with words but with our very lives. We are called to become the people God knows us to be— disciples who listen and respond wholeheartedly.

As you take time to listen more deeply this week, what might God be inviting you to? How do you feel called to respond?

God Calls… Are We Listening?