‏Saturday morning started very early. We were celebrating Mass at 8:00am with Cardinal Séan and the rest of the Boston contingent at a church just around the corner from our hotel, and we were asked to be there by 7:30am for a group photo. We had been asked to provide the music for the Mass, so we decided to head over a little early so we could get settled. It was a beautiful morning and as we walked toward the church the bells were ringing…

As we crossed the street, we noticed a large number of police motorcycles at the intersection, and the road was strangely empty. In the distance we saw some flashing blue lights followed by several dark cars with blacked out windows – and just behind, in the center, a white vehicle.

As we stood there in disbelief, Papa Francesco passed by in his motorcade not 20 feet from us!

It was truly an amazing moment – and more than we could have hoped for! The joy in the group was contagious as we lined up for a photo on the steps of the church with Cardinal Séan.

We were so honored to be asked to provide the music for the Mass in this beautiful church with amazing acoustics. And one member of our group, Eva, was asked to help serve the Mass.

(Please check back later – we’ll be adding video from the Mass!)

After Mass we returned to the hotel to rest up and prepare for our 6 mile pilgrim walk – in 95 degree heat – to the vigil site.

Saturday Part 2 coming soon!

Saturday, 8/5: Day 9 Part 1 – A Papal Drive-By and Mass with the Cardinal