After this, when Jesus knew
that all was now finished, he said
(in order to fulfill the scripture),
“I am thirsty.”

John 19:28

For what do you thirst?

Can you be attentive to the words of Jesus as they reveal your own thirst?

Here are some thoughts and questions for your consideration during this week:

  • Recall your own experiences of thirst. How do they help you to relate to this scene of Jesus on the cross? In your prayer, express to him how you feel.
  • Consider the people around the world who suffer because of the poor quality or the inadequate supply of water. Remember them to Jesus in prayer. Imagine the face of Jesus.
  • For what do you thirst this Lenten season? Can you name it? Can you ask for it? How is Jesus the living water for you?

The Week of Ash Wednesday: The First Word – “I Am Thirsty.”