Kelly Meraw, Director of Pastoral Care and Liturgy for the Collaborative and Director of Music for St. John the Evangelist Parish, is featured this week on the Catholic Women Preach website.  Preaching for the Third Sunday of Easter, Kelly reflects on Jesus’ final post-resurrection appearance and what it means for our Church today:

“In his threefold affirmation of love for Jesus, Peter is guided to the most integral mark of an intimate lover of Christ: limitless love and mercy. Peter must be reminded of his need for Christ’s mercy in order to ultimately be the conduit of it. Teaching Peter that ‘to love is to forgive’ is our Lord’s last blueprint entrusted to a Church who is asked to spill divine mercy over a world in desperate need of it. A Church who is asked to confront their own finite love and follow the movement of the Holy Spirit into a radical, unbounded love. An agape love. A love like Christ showed Peter, and a love like Christ has shown us.”

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Catholic Women Preach is an innovative project designed to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the Church today by responding to Pope Francis’ call for broader and more active engagement of the baptized in the preaching mission of the Church. This project is a deeply faithful, hopeful and joyful initiative intended to build up the Church.  Visit the Catholic Women Preach website to learn more about this project. 
Kelly Meraw featured on “Catholic Women Preach” for the Third Sunday of Easter