Discerning Deacons is a group of faithful Catholics, dedicated to providing educational opportunities and conversations in parishes and communities surrounding women in the diaconate. Their mission is to engage Catholics in the active discernment of our Church regarding women and the diaconate.  Discerning Deacons prays, witnesses, and hopes as our Church approaches a second papal commission for the examination of the restoration of women to the diaconate in October, 2021. 
A documentary film crew will be visiting St. John the Evangelist Parish on Sunday, June 27th at the 9AM Mass. All footage will be shot from behind the congregation (similar to our regular livestream). The footage will be used to create a short film being debuted on the Feast of St. Phoebe, September 3, 2021. The film will witness women who have experienced a call to the diaconate, who are already serving in diaconal roles, and who wait in patient hope to be ordained in their vocation. 
Discerning Deacons