Last week, we introduced you to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, an international organization that addresses the needs of the poor. This week, we will talk about the need that exists here in our community, and the work that our newly established conference of the Society has already begun, with outreach and home visits to individuals and families who have requested assistance. While it may seem, on the surface, that the need doesn’t exist in affluent Wellesley, there are, in fact, those in town who are well below the guidelines for comfortable living and are silently struggling just to come up with the basics for themselves and their families.  Some times these needs are long-term and complex.  At other times, they can be triggered by the loss of a job, a divorce, a medical crisis, or other life-changing event that leave them with no resources to pay a utility bill or rent or a mortgage.  Elderly residents on a fixed income may be struggling with how to afford needed medications while still sustaining their housing.

Our parishes have always been available to assist in the needs of parishioners in emergency situations, but with the establishment of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a significant and coordinated response can occur. Though our SVDP Conference operates independently of the Collaborative, its membership is made up of our neighbors from both parishes. While the Society raises funds through direct individual donations to sustain its mission, this Lenten Gift is our sacrificial offering as a Collaborative to put our local conference on an even sounder financial footing. Please help us to help those in our community who desperately need assistance by joining in our collaborative-wide Special Collection on April 6-7.

Our Lenten Gift will allow each of us to share in easing the suffering and to answer Lent’s clarion call to love extravagantly.

Week 2: The Need