As young Christians… you are not only a part of the future of the Church; you are also a necessary and beloved part of the Church’s present!  You are the Church’s present!

-Pope Francis, Homily at the Closing Mass for the 6th Asian Youth Day, August 2014


Pope Francis reminds young Christians – and all of us – that young people are not just a part of the Church’s future, but an important and much-needed part of the Church’s present. Here at the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative, we are conscious of this reminder as we work together with our young people to renew and strengthen their connection to God, the Church, their parish and wider community, and to each other.

To this end, we are launching a Collaborative Sunday 5pm Mass that will be a more deliberately youth-centered liturgy, with our young people central to and actively involved in all aspects of the Mass. From the music, to the homilies, to the Spirit-filled sense of vibrancy and joy, we are prayerfully approaching a liturgy that will touch the hearts and minds of our young people and all who come to celebrate the Mass and grow in faith together.

This new Sunday 5pm Mass will be a truly collaborative liturgy, rotating from week to week between St. John Church and St. Paul Church: 

  • On the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month, the Sunday 5:00pm Mass will be at St. John
  • On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, the Sunday 5:00pm Mass will be at St. Paul

The full schedule for the year is available below – you can add the schedule to your iPhone or Google calendar so you always know where the Mass is week to week. (Scroll down for instructions below the calendar.)  The location of the Mass will also be shown each week in the bulletin, and more information will be available soon about signing up for reminder emails and texts.

All are encouraged to experience and support this new initiative with their prayers and their presence.


Sunday 5pm Mass Calendar for 2018-2019
Add the Calendar to Your Google Account or Android Device
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Add the Calendar to Your iPhone Calendar App

You’ll need to use your iPhone for this – if you’re on a computer, get your iPhone and follow along:

Step 1. Open up the browser on your iPhone, go to the St. John-St. Paul Collaborative website ( and navigate to the Sunday 5pm Mass page.

Step 2. Scroll down and copy the following link (long-click to select the entire link, then select Copy from the pop-up):

Step 3. Next, go back to your Home screen, tap the “Settings” icon, scroll down and select “Accounts and Passwords.”  Tap “Add Account”, select “Other”, then select “Add Subscribed Calendar”.

Step 4. Paste the link you just copied into the Server box (long-click on the Server box until the Paste option appears, then tap Paste.) Click Next and some options will appear – select options as needed (you do not need to enter a username or password) then click Save.

That’s it!