As you know, the St. Paul bell, installed in 1926, has been silent for many years because the wood framing for the 3,000lb bell is failing and in urgent need of replacement. In addition, the bell tower’s masonry and parapet also require significant repair. These are critical issues of safety and stability, and this work cannot be put off.  The total cost is budgeted to be $487,200, and the Parish has been approved for a short term loan from the Archdiocese to cover up to seventy-five percent of the budget. While we are fortunate to have additional income from the leasing of the school building, we still need the assistance of the St. Paul community to fund this project and to repay the loan.  

The work on the bell tower and the replacement of the bell’s framing is scheduled to be complete by the end of November 2022. Once the structural work is finished, the final step will be to restore the bell’s ringing mechanism so that the peal of our wonderful bell may once again resound in the clouds!  On behalf of Fr. Jim and Fr. Hehir, we are asking you for your help. St. Paul parishioners have a long history of giving generously to support our parish. Please take a moment to prayerfully reflect on how you can contribute.

The St. Paul Parish Finance Council

Jim Drury, Chair          John Cullinane          David Foley          Harold Foley          Susan Looney

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