Reminder: All gifts must be returned to St. Paul Church by this Sunday, December 12!

St. Paul Giving Tree is an Advent tradition spreading Christmas cheer from our parish to hundreds of people through several local organizations. Each year recipients express their deepest appreciation for the generosity of our parishioners.

The annual Giving Tree Program will officially begin earlier this year, on the weekend of November 6 and 7! Given the supply-chain issues, we realize many may be starting their shopping early this year. There will be two boards in the St. Paul Sanctuary with tag requests. Once the trees are put up over Thanksgiving weekend, the tags will be transferred to the trees.  If you would like to obtain a tag with a specific gift request, there will still be many on the boards and trees through December 6.

Gift Requests: If you participate, please fill out each tag with your name and phone number, and LEAVE the small detachable portion in the box near the board or tree. Keep the remaining portion of the tag and attach it securely to the wrapped gift so it can be sorted and distributed to the correct location and person. All gifts must be returned to St. Paul by Sunday December 12th.

Gift Card Requests: If you would like to purchase a gift card, please put the gift card in an envelope marked with the organization’s name and leave them in a basket that will be marked for gift cards by the trees. All gift cards must be returned to St. Paul by December 12th.

Two organizations have requested gift cards again this year in lieu of individualized gifts:

Sunset Point Camp: SPC has requested gift cards to Target, Walmart, Old Navy or Stop & Shop.

Walker Cares: Walker has requested gift cards to Target this year.

Volunteers, please note: Sorting will be at 9:30am on Monday, December 13th in the parish hall. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Donna Norwood at or 781-237-9956.