Ours is a ministry of accompaniment; a ministry of presence.

We have heard the cry of the poor in the voices of our homeless sisters and brothers. For many reasons, the homeless do not find a welcome inside our churches.

-capuchin mobile ministries

Each year, in preparing for Lent, we reach out as a community to one particular place of suffering, amid so many in the world, through our Collaborative Lenten Gift. This year, we will open our eyes and hearts to the plight of those suffering close to home, on the streets of Boston.

The St. John-St. Paul Collaborative Service Commission has chosen Capuchin Mobile Ministries, a ministry of spiritual caregiving to our homeless sisters and brothers, as the recipient of our Lenten Gift.

Throughout Lent, in the bulletin and here on the website, we will share their story with you as we prepare for our collaborative-wide Special Second Collection on the weekend of March 16-17.

Our gift will allow each of us to share in easing the suffering
and to answer Lent’s clarion call to love extravagantly.



Capuchin Mobile Ministries needs volunteers to make the sandwiches for the outreach trips, to organize drives to collect the emergency supplies (like socks, gloves, etc.) that they carry on the van, to accompany them on their trips, and to provide the food service during outreach.

This is an intergenerational ministry, with opportunities for people of all ages to help. Volunteers who accompany them in the van on outreach trips must be at least 16 years old (with parental consent), but children and families can volunteer to organize collection drives for needed supplies and make sandwiches for the outreach trips.

If you are interested in learning more about ways you and/or your family can volunteer with Capuchin Mobile Missions, please add your contact information to our Capuchin Mobile Ministries Volunteer List .


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March 16-17: Our 2024 Collaborative Lenten Gift Collection for Capuchin Mobile Ministries
During Lent, the Service Commission has shared the story of Capuchin Mobile Ministries and the Capuchin friars who sponsor and staff the program - how it is born out of their charism of deep commitment to humble service with and for all people, put into action through spiritual caregiving to those on the streets...

Capuchin Mobile Ministries needs our financial support to continue this important work.  Our Collaborative Lenten Gift will help fund the ongoing needs of the ministry, including the coffee, snacks, and other supplies that are distributed, as well as the ongoing gas, maintenance, and repair costs for the ...
Telling the Story Part 2: The Work – A Ministry of Accompaniment
The work of Capuchin Mobile Ministries is spiritual caregiving to our friends on the streets, those who are chronically homeless, hungry not only for food for their bodies but for things of the spirit - to feel part of the community.  The focus is  on being a ministry of presence, of building relationships, of showing people that they are not alone.

Friars and volunteers go out in the Mobile Ministries van several times a week to locations in Cambridge and Boston where the homeless congregate, sharing food and drink, offering spiritual resources and directing them to social services, and  listening ...
Lenten Lecture: “Spiritual Resources for the Street” – Wednesday, March 6 at 7:00pm at St. John
Br. Anthony and Br. Paul will talk about the history, mission, and work of Capuchin Mobile Ministries, the recipient of this year’s Lenten Gift. Come learn more about this wonderful organization and the ways you can support them - both financially and by volunteering with their outreach efforts. Come learn more about their mission and work and how you can help! ...
Telling the Story Part 1: The Capuchin Friars – A Deep Commitment to Humble Service
The work of Capuchin Mobile Ministries comes directly from the Capuchin Friars who sponsor and staff CMM. Inspired by the life and ideals of St. Francis of Assisi, the Capuchins are Franciscan Friars who live out the Gospel by serving those in need, living a simple life together as a community of brothers, and drawing closer to God through prayer. They work to make sure that the light of Christ in those persons they serve is not being obscured by ignorance or injustice or poverty of any kind.

Like every religious order, the Capuchins live out a particular charism ...